Monday, March 16, 2009

This should happen more often...

My sister has been here visiting (hooray!) so I've been pretty busy. Crocheting isn't really a group activity... so this post is not about crochet, but it is a craft... in a way... The teachers at my school raved and raved about these cake pops and I kind of brushed it off until I actually tried one at a Christmas party. W-O-W!! It was the yummiest thing I've ever had! The closest description I can come up with is a cake truffle. Sounds good, right? I recently had another from a bake sale at school and was inspired to try to make them myself. I searched the source, Bakerella, and found this recipe, but substituted chocolate cake for red velvet. The result was so yummy!!

Here is the inside of the delicious cake truffle...


  1. I will be trying these soon!

  2. So fun to make - BUT don't try it alone - best case scenario: your kitchen is covered in chocolate - worse case scenario: you are the only one there to eat 50 cake balls, that is DANGEROUS!! :D