Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blanket Dilemma

Wow, what a crazy busy past month this has been! After I posted about the mushrooms I made, I had to make some more for my friends and family! Now I am working on a baby blanket for a friend at school. She is due the day before my birthday, so I told her to wait a day so we could share a day! We'll see how that goes... Anyway, her nursery colors are sage green and chocolate brown. If you have ever bought yarn before, you will know that baby yarns do not come in those two colors, so I am using Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn which does! I usually prefer to make baby things out of cotton which is soft and durable through many washings, but a lot of baby yarn is acrylic so I figured this would be alright. I designed this to seem random but really it is not. Here is my dilemma: After following my design and getting about halfway through it, I think it will be massive! I can't decide if I should keep on truckin' and just have a big blanket or if I should alter the design I started with. Here is what I planned for the brown/green pattern:

And here is what I have done so far. I am just shy of half way through my design.

Part of the problem is that the proportions of the table that I made to plan my design don't quite match up with the size of my actual stitches. The blanket will also have a brown border around the whole thing. I think I will keep going with my plan for a little longer before I stray. We'll see how it goes....