Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yay! Craft time!

I have spent this week crafting when I get home instead of making lesson plans (I guess testing is good for something :P). I finished the baby blanket on Monday - hooray! It turned out huge - just like I suspected. I did alter my original design (check 2 posts back for that), thankfully, or else it would have been a grown-up blanket! I can't wait to take it to my friend this weekend! Here are some shots of the finished product.

Looking at it lying out on my quilt makes me want to sew another quilt... hmmm ...

On Tuesday/Wednesday I make my first sock monkey! If you know me (or have read my profile) you know I love sock monkeys. Strangely, I had never made one myself. It was a little trickier than I imagined in my head to get everything straight, so he is a little crooked, but that gives him character. Andy named him Carlos. Here are some pics of his creation.

We have legs!!

Yay - he is stuffed - look at his cute bottom!! :D

This is where I stopped on Tuesday night. He is patiently waiting for the rest of his body parts. Do you see the mini-monkey pal keeping him company? I can't even stand how cute that mini-monkey is....

Its Carlos!!

Finally tonight I made my way back to the liner for the purse I crocheted at the first of March - yes, March and yes, I do realize its almost June. What can I say? It just hasn't happened until now. But now that it is happening, I am so excited about it! The lining is sewed (pictures coming soon), it just needs pockets and then to be sewn into the purse. I need some handles for the purse too, but if I can be as productive next week as I was this week I don't think it will be a problem! :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How do they do it?

So here is my monthly blog post. I'm so dissapointed in myself. When I got started with this, it was supposed to help keep me on track with my projects, but it has seemed more like just one more thing to do. I already work two jobs - one of which is teaching, which is like working two jobs on its own - so one more thing to do is not a good thing. I keep making excuses for myself, like I my pictures aren't good enough (I really do wish I was better at that part - any tips, y'all?) or I haven't made enough progress to make a post. But really, that is why I should be posting - that is the part that will keep me on track. How do other bloggers do it? How do they keep up with their busy lives (because I'm not trying to say I'm busier than most people) and still find time to write blog posts regularly?

Here's what I thought of - if I make a schedule and I post on my schedule, even if I'm not that much farther along on my projects, then I'll feel better about it. Right? Or if I at least do two posts a month - that would be an improvement. I reckon this is easy for me to say since school is almost over. Ha! So here is my promise to myself - I *will* make another blog post before the month is out.

I am still working on that baby blanket (I really am almost finished!!) for my pregnant friend - only she's not pregnant anymore - she had the baby on May 8. Its okay, she'll still want the blanket. :)