Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Learning Process

My purse is finally finished! Its not what I thought it would be in my head when I started, but I am very happy with it. I read an inspiring post by futuregirl about the crochet learning process. I have always been nervous about more complex projects because I'm afraid I will spend so much time on something and then be dissapointed. After completing this purse and liner, I have found quite the opposite.

There are things I definitely dislike about how it turned out. I don't know that I will/can use it as a pocketbook - its really better as a tote. It is pretty big. And floppy. The original purse pattern called for a drawstring closure and now I see why. The way the sides are crocheted do not support themselves and droop down when I pick up the bag. It kind of gapes open, which is why the drawstring would be a good call. Also I didn't sew the straps into tubes like the pattern called for. I might still do that. It allows the handles to be very stretchy like it is, but it may end up being too stretchy.

There are things I really like about it, though. I love the color of it and how soft the yarn is. I am very proud of the liner that I sewed for it - my first one! I followed this awesome tutorial to make it and this awesome tutorial to sew it in! I made some neat pockets for it and I think it will be very sturdy. Lastly, it is something that I made from scratch! That in itself is fun.

So you see, I really am not dissapointed at all. I am excited about the things I did right as well as the things that I know I will do better next time. I am all about the learning process. (Thanks, Alice! :D)

magnet snap closure

you can see how it sags with all my stuff in it when I hold it up

zipper pocket - yay!!

cool skull pockets!


  1. I love that gradient yarn! Your liner rocks ... just look at that professional zipper job! Not that you should make any changes, but positioning your handles so they attach a little closer to the center would help a little with the gaping thing. The stitch you used is so wonderfully tactile. I bet it's awesome to pet! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip about the handles, Alice. The handle position was one thing I actually followed the pattern on... :P It is fun to pet - it is particularly cuddly and soft. You get props for the liner rocking because I used your worksheet! :D