Saturday, July 25, 2009

New toy

Hello blogging world. I am here to apologize for ignoring you for the last few weeks. This post is not really about crafting at all, but it will explain why I have been absent. I got a new toy - this lovely MacBook Pro. I am super stoked on this computer. I grew up in a Macintosh household - I think we were the first people in North Carolina to get the Macintosh SE back when it came out in the 80's. I was a music major in college, so of course all of the labs in the music department were Macs and the techs loved me because I was a Mac geek too. Being a geek has its perks sometimes. When I graduated from college and started teaching, my school did not use Macs, it used Windows machines. So after a year of trying to use my Mac at home to do work from school, I got so annoyed that I bought a Dell with Windows. I was very happy with the Windows machine - once I learned how to use it. I've had three others since then and have liked them all. So this time when I was ready for a new computer I said (as I always do when I'm ready for a new computer) 'I wish I could get a Mac.' Well, my husband, who is a part-time Geek Squad agent, went into a long informational session on how I could easily get a Mac and have it work with my PC files from school and how compatible they are now and yada yada yada. If my super-geek husband okays the ease in which I could do it, then I was convinced! I would not call myself a computer geek anymore. At this point I think I would describe myself as 'relatively computer savvy.' I am very proud of myself because I had no problem whatsoever networking the two computers and transferring all my docs, music and pictures to my new machine. My Office docs that were created on the PC machine opened up just fine on the Mac! Hooray!
I am even more happy with this purchase because I got an educator discount for being a teacher and also a free iPod touch! What a deal! So you see, I have been a little preoccupied in the last couple of weeks. Again, I apologize and I will get myself back on track. With my new computer.

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