Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starling Handbag

I have been so excited about the Starling Handbag pattern that futuregirl just published on her website! I had to make myself finish my other bag first since I was so close to being done. I started the small sized one in yellow as soon as I finally completed my grey bag. I picked the small size first because I could finish it the fastest! Does everyone else have multiple craft projects going on simultaneously? I have so many things I want to make! I went to visit my friend Amy, who also crochets, last weekend and I started a large sized one in red even before I finished the yellow one.

Well I have finally finished the crocheting part of the yellow bag. I am completely in love with this handbag. Alice is a crochet goddess. I am now starting on the embellishments and liner. I decided to use brown-eyed susans on the outside with stems and leaves in green. The liner will also be green, probably with some funky pockets.

This bag is like a futuregirl tribute bag because I used her pattern, foundation single crochet tutorials, seamless single crochet tutorial, felt-daisy tutorial, and lining tutorials to make this bag. Its almost like she made it for me. I'll be back when I finish the lining!

The door is my favorite part of my house. Its the original from when the house was built in the 1920's. I took the picture here in honor of the Starling Handbag - notice the swell bird on the screen door!

Close-up of the handbag. I still need to embellish and line it.

Here are the brown-eyed susans I cut out with leaves. I need to stitch them on and embroider stems. I have never done that before onto crochet, so we'll see how it goes. Loads of people do it successfully, so surely I'll do alright...

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  1. Too cute, Nancy! I love the varigated yarn!

    When I attach things like the felt shapes you have to a handbag, I go all the way through to the back of the crochet stitches and them come back out to catch the next bit of felt. Totally different from the embroidery instructions I gave you, which would work great for the stems.

    Can't wait to see it completed! So cute!

    And, yes, I always have a ton of projects in progress. :)