Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm still here!!

Hello blog world! I am still here! Since school started its been crazy and I have not been very (or at all) inspired to make anything - or as Carmen at seaschell said "lost my crafty mojo." I absolutely love teaching, but it is draining. I don't have much left in me when I get home! My scant crafting has been my husband's Halloween costume. It was fun to make and I got it done in plenty of time, but it didn't inspire anything else. He was very proud, however.

This weekend I started a birthday present for one of my friends. Her birthday is today, so of course I've been procrastinating. She and I learned how to fuse plastic together this summer so I thought something made from that would be a fun present. I started a tote bag with a fabric top and handles with a cute felt flower applique. I didn't have a pattern or anything, I was just making it up. I was so happy and inspired to start making this and it was going really well. I got the bag sewed and the fabric top put on and the applique cut out and then... I burned it. Yep. That's right. I burned it. I wanted to make sure it was super sturdy and I over did it with the iron. When fusing plastic, over heating it doesn't turn it black, it melts it too much and leaves holes. Boo! Now I need to regroup and hopefully I can salvage it. I'll update you...

This is the bad so far. It was going to be really cute....

Here are the yucky holes I made. :(

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  1. I hate working so hard on a project and then something like this happens! Could you iron on more plastic bags to the back and front, sort of like a patch effect? I'm not familiar with fusing plastic so I'm not sure. I hope it works out!