Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scarves for spring and more sewing

Well, I finished my scarf and also made one for the birthday-girl, Amber (my friend who got the secret Margaret Bag), just in time for the warmest day of the year.

Here is mine:

I'm waiting for a photo shoot for Amber's scarf, but here is the yarn I used:

Luckily, we got a little spring-time snow storm yesterday (which I took a picture of with my phone, but I guess I didn't save it - boo!), so the scarves were able to get some use!

I also got to have another sewing session with my friends to make the Lickety-Split bag. I made one of these before for my friend, Lina's, birthday. That's me (well, my arms) on the left.

I made this one for myself for spring!

Here is a sneak-peek at my next project. Hint: It involves a gorgeous felt bundle from felt-o-rama and a c-u-t-e pattern from purl bee. Welcome spring!!

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  1. Your spring bag is awesome! I love those colors so much. :)