Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bib Crazy!!

I did it!! I finally made something for the baby! Way to go, me! :)

I got together with my friend, Jaime, to sew and we needed a quick project since it was a weeknight. We decided on bibs from Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing book. After a few mishaps (that is what happens when I don't read the directions all the way before I start sewing....) we ended up with two bibs each. I think it took us about 90 minutes, which is pretty good since we were distracted by season 4 of Friends. Jaime and I both have the complete series... :)

Here are the two bibs I made, plus one that Jaime made (and gave to me! yay!).

The front is cotton and the backs are super soft flannel.

The pattern calls for a snap, which Jaime did a great job of setting on her bib. Unfortunately, I am not as good at it, so I got one decent snap set and then I took the other one out and sewed on velcro. It definitely doesn't look as cute, but it was way easier. Anyone know of an easier way to set snaps? I've tried the hammer setter and the clamp setter, and apparently I suck at both of those. See the difference?

Tonight I've been bib crazy!! I cut out material for 12 more and I'm sewing as soon as... well as soon as I can! This weekend I will be working the last two shifts of my part-time job (yes, in addition to my teaching job) and I am SO excited! Think of all the time I'll have to sew, crochet, clean my house, crochet, sew.... :)


  1. Hurray! The bibs look great... are you ready for our quilt along? :)

  2. your baby is going to have a bib for every day of the month!

  3. Sew cute! (And a terrible pun. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself!)