Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crazy like a fox

So, my last post was titled "Bib Crazy" and I felt bib crazy at the time, but not as crazy as I did yesterday! I've had those 12 bibs pinned together and ready to sew since my last post (so, like 3 weeks....) and I didn't get to them until yesterday... and I got to them alright. The snaps went much better this time. I only had to pry one out and re-do it. I'm not totally sold on snaps, but they'll work for the bibs. Now I have a total of 15 handmade bibs for my sweet little one. There are 2 of each, except for the polka dot one on the left (that's the one Jaime made - Thanks, Jaime!).

Now, I haven't been lazy since my last post.

First of all, its the end of the year at school, so of course craziness ensues there. Yay for summer!

Secondly, my nesting instinct has kicked in full-force and my house looks like a tornado hit it. Must prepare for baby. Must re-organize house. Must move furniture. Must throw/give away. No pics of that, its too scary. Its like a sickness, but a really good one. I think my husband is going to lose it if I don't stop, but I might lose it if I don't. I think I'm gonna win that one. :) In my tornado I made a huge pile to take to goodwill and then this pile to cut up and fix for the CraftHope project helping out in the gulf coast.

Lastly, I have actually done some crafty-productive things. I am doing a quilt-a-long with Carmen, Mia and my non-bloggy friend Christine. I have completed week 1: to select and prepare my fabric. The tutorial calls for 10 different fabrics, but when I went to the awesome Asheville Cotton (my favorite fabric shop in town!!) I couldn't settle on that many. There are so many good choices!! Maybe I just wasn't focused enough. Either way, I decided to use only 5 different fabrics, but to double up on them. The paisley is my "neutral" fabric as well as what I will use on the back. I think it will work out fine. What I'm hoping is that it will make the quilt seem more cohesive and not more boring. We'll see.... Next up, week 2: cut, cut, cut. Hooray for rotary cutters! This will be the first quilt I've made in years, so I'm really excited!!

I have also been working on two wedding presents and a baby shower present for some friends. Finished pics to come of those when I deliver the presents. Until then, here's a sneak peek...

Also, my awesome co-workers threw me a baby shower last week and in addition to all of the excellent baby supplies I got, I got a huge crafty score as well! Many of the other teachers at my school are crafty as well, scrapbooking, card-making, crocheting, beading, knitting, collaging - you name it and someone does it. So they gave me a sock monkey themed shower (oh how I love sock monkeys!!) and they decorated with this great sock monkey fabric that I got to take home! Hooray! I've washed it, folded it and it is staring me down, begging to be created into something. Any suggestions? Maybe a sock monkey quilt?


  1. Wow, this post was full of amazing stuff! First things first... HAPPY SUMMER! Secondly, the bibs are so cute. :) I also love the fabrics you chose for your quilt... the blue one with birdies is my favorite.

    A sock monkey quilt would be absolutely adorable! I love all of those fabrics, too.

  2. That's my favorite too, Carmen! I've had my eye on that birdie fabric for a while now... I knew it would end up in something! :)