Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy stacks of fabric!

As I surveyed the war-zone-like area that I sew/craft in (formerly known as the dining room table), I realized there were projects in these piles that I have been wanting to make for months now. And this is minor compared to the piles in the "staging area" (a.k.a. back-room-of-crap). So I'm going to do it. I'm making a list of my projects. I'm publishing it on my blog. Then its public and I'll have to get them done. So here is my list:

Wedding present projects for J's and D's
Quilt-a-long with Carmen
mend cute maternity dress (before I don't need it anymore!!)
Mei Tai Baby Carrier
make liner for finished Starling Handbag
Sock Monkey (quilt?)
Craft Hope project
Irish Chain baby quilt
Burp cloths & receiving blankets
finish my set of Classic Tote shopping bags (4 more to go)
Crochet SOMETHING because I miss it A LOT
Diaper bag - haven't decided which one
Hanging book display - how cool is this??

This is so helpful! I have more to add, but I just can't right now... whew!

I will try to keep it updated and hopefully this will keep me on track. I am working on the wedding presents (which are late, of course) tonight. Here goes....

*update 6/20* Okay, okay I added a few items to my project list shown on the side bar of my blog. I hope it means I will actually get to them!!


  1. Hurray for project lists! I love having mine on my blog... now I know where to go to find it and I don't have it on some random piece of paper in my living room that would get lost, anyway. :)

  2. yeah for the project list... i'll keep you to yours if you keep me to mine!!