Sunday, July 18, 2010

Checking off my list

Craft Hope items: DONE! I ended up with 14 hand towel-sized and 30 wash cloth-sized pieces to send. They are all made from old t-shirts and towels. I will get those mailed this week - yay!

Practice machine quilting: WHOA! I thought I'd be productive on two fronts to do this and make pot holders (because who cares if the quilting is wonky on those?). The trouble I ran into is that to feel heat-proof enough, I had to put so many layers of batting that I couldn't get it under the machine! I could go out and get some of that heat-resistant batting, but I won't today. Maybe later. I guess I'll hand quilt it someday (ha!). Too bad because this would be a cute pot holder.

See how thick it is? :(

So I pieced together some 1-layer squares to practice with. I've been using my walking foot and darning foot both and I can definitely handle the straight line quilting with the walking foot. The free-motion quilting is another story. Its pretty awful right now. I'm still playing with speed and pedal pressure to try to get better looking stitches. Here is what I have so far:

With walking foot (and some darning foot on top...)

Free motion with darning foot...


  1. I sent my Craft Hope out too! And I'm jealous of your quilting ~ I think it's splendid. :) Which leads to my question, which I posted to Carmen too, so I'll copy the same one here. :)

    So cute! I think I like the barn even better, but you know, I'm a frustrated farmer.

    So, I wanted to ask you and Nancy...I was looking forward to free-motion quilting on my machine (my first attempt, ever!) but then I had this idea for the finishing (instead of binding the edges) and from everything I can find, you have to quilt before you finish the edges. It's just that this won't work with my idea! So I'm thinking of doing this one with just...tying it. Oh gosh, I can't believe I said it! Would that be so bad? Is it ruining the quilt along? I need advice!!!

  2. Okay. Ignore the barn thing. :(

  3. Mia - you are most definitely not ruining the quilt-a-long. Your quilt can be done however you want! I think the point is just to help motivate each other to actually finish, which I desperately need!!
    I haven't decided if I want to brave the free motion for my quilt yet or not. I don't want it to suck.. :P

  4. So, first, thanks!! I needed the support. :) Second, that's kind of why I wanted to do the free-motion part, myself....I'm 'afraid' to, and if I don't have this project to do it, maybe I'll keep putting if off...forever? I'm ironing this afternoon, so I'll have a few hours this morning to keep thinking...mulling...oh dear. :)