Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making space

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been making space in our house for our new addition (which is a baby, for those of you who aren't keeping up). In making space for him, it made some new space for me - hooray! It also made space for us to eat NOT in front of the television - double hooray! I can't really complain about all of the TV eating because it was completely my fault that we did not have a table on which to eat. Instead, we I had a table on which to sew.
I went back through my pictures and I can't find a "before" picture of the new crafting room. Probably because it was so messy that I would never have taken a picture of it. Well, here it is the last time you saw it. Imagine there is no desk, add a double bed, a large bookcase, lots of laundry and stacks of fabric. That is why there is no picture. We moved the bed and bookcase out and this week I got to work organizing and arranging my new space! I am really happy with how it turned out. Here is the progression:

First of all, we had to get all of my stuff out (yikes!)

Then we got the big stuff arranged. I love*love*love the shelves!! And how about that funky zebra chair? Its not what I would have picked if I had a choice, but I think I kind of like it... :)

Next, I had to do a little organization. Mostly of my insane yarn stash. Here is part of it...

Then I could start moving some other things into place. If you remember the first picture of this room, maybe you will notice that I was able to store the Christmas tree and wreath somewhere else and replace it with paper towels and t.p. :)

Making progress! So that's what color the table is....

And finally - hooray - we can eat!

Three-step panorama of my new space!!

Whew! A lot of work, but it is so worth it! Next on the list: finish Craft Hope items (started last night), pin quilt together (bought the correct kind of pins yesterday) and practice some machine quilting on some scrap fabric (maybe turn out some potholders?). I am taking a class (Kodaly I certification, if you were interested...) starting on Monday and it lasts for 2 weeks, so I don't know how much crafting time I will have. I am going to try to fit some in because once my class is over, it will be nearly time for school to start back! Yikes!! How does summer go by so quickly? I hope yours is going well and not too fast!

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