Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Space

We are making room for baby in our tiny house and that has opened up some space for me too! In our "2nd bedroom" (also known as the closet-sized room behind the fridge in the kitchen) we moved out the bed and bookcase this week. It still looks pretty chaotic right now, but we really had only used it for storage (no, we don't leave out the Christmas decorations all year) and the occasional house guest.

Now I have some space for my new sewing table and we'll be able to eat at the dining room table again! I am working on organizing my supplies and how we want to arrange the room. We will still need to use it for some storage (oh, to have an attic!) so the wardrobe will have to stay, but basically this will be my crafting/sewing room. YAY! I'm a little worried about being lonely if I'm stuck behind the kitchen (my husband is usually on his computer in the office/dining room/sewing room while I'm working) but at least I have my own space now. I have our extra laptop to keep in there so I can put in a DVD or check out something on Netflix (instant watch is awe. some.) to keep me company.

If you notice under the new table is a door in the floor. Yes. Door in the floor. It leads to the (unusable) basement. Unfortunately it is not level, so I'm not sure how we'll move the furniture around yet. I will update again when we get it all sorted out.

Speaking of updates, its time for a quilt-a-long update! I finished sewing together the strips for my quilt top. I got the strips all in order (not this order) and next is ironing the seams down (ugh) and sewing the strips together. I'm really pleased with the colors I chose - this will be such a happy quilt!

Lastly, my project list has been so helpful. I'm really glad I put it down on paper (screen...?) to help keep me in check. I have updated that as well. The wedding presents are this close to being done. I finished the mending on my maternity dress today. I had some serious issues with the stretchy knit fabric, but finally overcame them. I also finally crocheted something small (a tiny baby hat!!) and I'm starting tonight on a blanket. Jaime and I are having a movie/crochet night.

Ahhhhh... summer is awesome. :D


  1. Wow, you've been busy! I too would like to have a dedicated sewing space (I could if I wanted but I didn't want to be lonely upstairs while hubby watches tv downstairs). I LOVE how your quilt is coming together! You picked great fabrics. :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your space! :) Your quilt strips are adorable. I still love the paisley neutral you picked, and it all looks great with the fabrics you chose. I may catch up with you yet, as I've finished all the cutting and just need to carve out a few hours at the machine...possibly as early as tomorrow night!