Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project List Updated!

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y finished the super (duper) late wedding presents. That is a load off! I have some pics for you as soon as I get them to their recipients. Here is a picture of them all wrapped up to tide you over.

I also got my quilt strips ironed and I may (or may not) feel like sewing them together today. Or at least starting them. I may start on the top of the new quilt idea instead. I decided on the Five Strip Rail Fence pattern since I happen to have 5 fabrics that match the requirements. I still really like the Basket Weave pattern and intend to make one of those at some point later on. I read through and through that book and can't figure out exactly how much of each fabric I need, so I'm going to start making strips and see if I have enough. Maybe not a 100% solid plan, but I need to start somewhere...

Here are the 5 fabrics for the Five Strip Rail Fence...


  1. Pretty wrapping paper, but I absolutely LOVE the fabrics for your new quilt!

  2. They are from the awesome Asheville Cotton Co. It was one of those little half-yard bundles. How much fun would it be to match up fabrics like that and get paid for it...?? :D

  3. I wouldn't get paid because I'd spend all my $$ on the bundles I made! I also forgot to say that I love how you color coded your project list, and I'm probably going to steal your idea. :)

  4. Nancymoo - This is Jessa from Happily Home Sewn! Great blog! Congrats on the baby!!!

    I'm trying to solve the mystery of who you are this morning and how you found my blog. Since you're from Asheville, I feel like we must know each other (I moved from Asheville to Denver in 2007, but am still in Asheville lots). But I'm not sure! How did you find me. I know Mitchie only from ACC, and I know Jaime (one of your followers) - did she connect us?

    Anyway - I made the baby feet ornaments out of clay. In my pre-baby life I was a potter. So I pressed their poor little feet and hands in clay when they were first born to make masters of their prints. I fired the masters and then pressed clay into the master to make the ornaments. So the feetprints are actually 3-D, coming out instead of the traditional indented style. Then I fired all the ornaments in a high-fire gas kiln with a simple iron oxide wash.

    That got kinda potter jargony, but my suggestion is wander around Asheville and I bet you'll find a potter who will know just what to do. They're everywhere!

    Secondly, I did get the orange fabric at ACC while we were there last month. My M-I-L dropped me off there for a $200 birthday shopping spree (eeee!) and Mitchie did my cutting. I love her enthusiasm and spunk.

    Anyhoo - be well! I'm loving all your projects and am following your blog now to see what's next!