Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilt Top and Crafters Block

I finished sewing my quilt top together. I haven't ironed it yet (obviously...) but I am really pleased with how it turned out. I'm currently visiting my family out of town (yay for laptops and wifi) so I can't work on week 4 (quilt sandwich) until I get back. Christine is also done with her top, but I didn't get a picture, so I'll get one of her sandwich when she's done with week four. You can also check out Carmen and Mia's progress on their quilts too! Carmen has done a gorgeous stacked coins quilt that just might make me change my mind about the pattern I picked for my next quilt... Check her quilt out here. Here is my quilt top in all of its glory!

Close up....

Instead of jumping right into week 4, I needed a break so I picked a quick (or so I thought) project to work on during one of my group sewing parties with Jaime and Christine. I've had this Starling Handbag (awesome, AWESOME pattern and tutorials at futuregirl's website!) finished for at least a year just waiting for some embellishments and a liner. (sorry for the crappy picture, and please ignore the ugliness of my sofa - its hideous, but terribly comfortable...)

I got the liner sewn rather quickly...

... but I've gotten a case of crafter's block with the embellishments. My other Starling bag just told me what it wanted, but this one is not giving me any hints yet. I don't want to leave it just plain, but I've already had a few disasters.

First I tried some felt... hated it.

Then I tried crocheting some flowers.... hated them. (I didn't even finish two of them.)

But for now its just plain and I have NO inspiration. The poor liner is just waiting to be sewn in, but it will have to wait until I have a brilliant idea.

Unless you have one... :)


  1. Your quilt top looks great! I love the paisley you used as a neutral.

    The Starling is lovely... what about some embroidery with yarn or floss that plays off the leaves on the lining? I'm thinking trees, birds, or leaves... with a retro look?

  2. I'm with Carmen ~ your quilt top turned out fantastic! The colors are so fresh.

    I had some leaf shaped buttons from the fabric store for awhile...could be cute! Alice is so wonderful.