Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mei Tai Carrier

I finally finished the baby carrier! It seems a little small, but then again, I hope the baby is small - at least to start with!! I followed the pattern, so I guess its the right size. The pattern I used is the Mei Tai Baby Carrier from sewliberated. Meg had got such great patterns - I highly recommend them. They are stylish, yet classic, and (perfect for me) very easy to follow. I've also made a couple of the the Emmeline Aprons from her pattern collection as well. Here is Meredith's apron and Karen's apron.

This carrier was so simple to make! The outside fabric (brown) is a cotton corduroy and the inside (green) is a snuggly cotton flannel. The very top should have been a little more rounded, but I guess I got off on my cutting/sewing somewhere.

The outside has a pocket that is supposed to be for folding up the carrier for easy storage - I guess I need to practice that part - mine looks a little wonky.

Next up - quilt my Quilt-A-Long quilt and get started on a diaper bag! Yay!


  1. That's pretty cool! I love sewliberated patterns, too. I just got the book recently.

    You're making great progress on your project list! :)

  2. Also, totally unrelated to this post, what does your Starling look like? Maybe I can help with embellishments.

  3. These kind of carriers are great, and so comfortable too!