Monday, October 18, 2010

Diaper Bag Woes

I wrote a post a (long) while ago about making this diaper bag from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. I also posted in my project list that I hit a snag and was trying to figure it out. This was all before I had sweet Ruffin, so I never finished the bag. Since bringing him home, I haven't had much sewing time. In the time I have fit in, (when he allows me to hang out in the sewing room with him) I have become even more frustrated. I am pretty sure I am to the point of putting this bag aside and finishing it later, or maybe even never, which is a shame since I was so excited about the cute sock monkey fabrics. I took some pictures of the screwiness, but they're not even worth it.

Its not all woes in the sewing room, though. I have bought some new fabric (yay!!) and I have plans for a new diaper bag (Amy Butler pattern this time), an Emmeline apron for myself, and several baby quilts - so many pregnant friends!! Check out the sweet new fabrics!!

Lastly, I have a super cool friend who gave me TONS of baby clothes. She was also pregnant the same time as me and had a sweet little baby girl two weeks after Ruffin was born. Our due dates were only 3 days apart (hers was before mine, actually) but my little guy came early and her little gal came late!! Anyways, to thank her I am making her a little surprise - here is a sneak peek...

Yay to be back in the sewing room!! So far Ruffin has only spent his napping time with me in there.

Now I have to convince him how super duper fun it is in there when he's awake (which is most of the day now)!! Good thing he's super cute! Check out his new shoes! :D


  1. He really is so adorable! What kind of problems are you having with the diaper bag? Is it something I can help with?

    Love the new fabric and the sneaky peek!

  2. I was all taken by that adorable chicken fabric, until I saw that little nubbin, and then I was all, chicken-what? Never heard of it. Because I want to kiss those cheeks and tickle that tummy and those feet, in those shoes....just stop it! LOVE.

  3. What a cutie-pie! I love your fabric choices and am anxious to see what you make. (although, as a new mom myself, understand the limited sewing room time... so "anxious" as in- when you get a chance!)

  4. aw, look at those cheeks!
    I love your blog name too.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics. I'm amazed that any new mum finds time to sew - my kids only took ridiculously short naps, though.

    Nice shoes!