Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilt Show!

So I took most of these pictures three weeks ago, but didn't get to finish this post then because I hadn't finished my new quilt yet! I got to spend some time with my family, which was so wonderful, but I didn't get any sewing done. Not to mention the whole new baby thing... So the little present that I was supposed to "whip up" took a month instead of a week! Oh well. So these Ruffin pictures are from three weeks ago - he is even bigger and cuter now. :)

A wonderful friend, who knew me when I was this age, made this sweet quilt.

This quilt was made by Michelle at Dreams of Sewing Machines. Check out her etsy shop and blog!

That's right. Its a fire flower. Its super geeky awesomeness!! Did you like being Mario or Luigi? I always wanted to be Luigi.

Lastly, this is the little quilt I made for my friend, Dana, who gave me all the cute clothes from her boys! Her new little girl is 2 weeks younger than my little man.

It has a snuggly minky back and since it is solid, I decided to use some scraps from the front to spice up the binding. I was talking to Michelle about my idea and she says "Oh, a reversible binding! You know how to do that?" and me, thinking I'd been really original, say, "Uh... no, I was just going to make it up." So, thankfully she told me just what to do, and the quilt looks good because of it! Thanks, Michelle!

And, just because I can, here is a gratuitous picture of my sweet little man from today (in a shirt from Dana's boys!).


  1. ok, I am all about the Super Mario Bros quilt. I swear, the first quilt I make needs to be something like this!

  2. That little man of yours is a great model! haha The quilts are nice too ;)

  3. Yeah for geeky awesomeness!!! And thanks for the shout out!

  4. The fire flower was always my favorite symbol from SMB, and I did love to be Luigi. I always felt he didn't get a fair shake against Mario.

    Tell me more about this reversible binding?