Monday, December 13, 2010

Stover Family Stockings

Yay! We have a snow day from school today so I finished our stockings for Ruffin's first Christmas. Now, we may not have anywhere to hang them since we are in the process of buying a house and may be moving over Christmas, but we'll at least have them!

They are reversible (I am so excited about that) but since the wind chill was ZERO today (for real) I didn't hang around to snap a photo of the inside view yet. I'll try to get better pictures soon. I designed this stocking and I have written my very first pattern/tutorial - coming soon to my blog! I am really REALLY excited about that! I need to finalize it and proofread. Carmen (who just sent me the most Ah-May-Zing package for Ruffin - my pics in the next post, stay tuned!) inspired me to do this with her first tutorial for her skinny daisy chain scarf.

Ruffin's stocking...

Daddy's stocking...

Mommy's stocking...

And, as promised, here is some cutie pie Ruffin love!

Look out, Daddy, I'm claiming your chair!

Sweet man!

And now back to the sewing room for me to finish my Christmas presents!


  1. Oh my, those pictures! Holy cow. I was really digging the picture of the snow covered tree, and the stockings are so cute, but then I forgot everything including my own name with the last two. LOVE!!

  2. Ruffin's little face in the first picture is priceless! And I LOVE your stockings! I've never been somebody's inspiration before; I'm honored!

    P.S. Take your time on the post, I was just TOO excited that you liked it to wait... I wrote that post about three weeks before and it was sitting in my list of drafts. :)