Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still here...

Hey, blogosphere, I'm still here! Things that have happened:

1. snow
2. snow
3. bought a house
4. snow
5. moved to new house
6. pretty sure its supposed to snow tomorrow...

Yay! We bought our first house! I love it so much and I will post pictures once it is no longer a piggy, piggy mess from moving. It does mean, however, that I haven't done any crafting since Christmas, which makes me sad. The craft area (its gonna be sweeeeet...) is next on the unpack list. I wanted to do it first, but I got overruled by a husband and son who wanted somewhere to sleep. Boys have no sense of priority.

Here is some Ruffin love to tide you over until I get to take house pictures. I have some cool pictures from our handmade Christmas to share as well once I sort through them...