Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh my.

So I skipped April AND May. Yikes. In my defense, those are really busy months at school. Also, Ruffin is 9 months old now (What??!! I know!!!) and has 6 teeth, has started eating and is crawling all over the house, which is much more involved than nursing and lying there looking cute. I have managed to make more recorder bags for my students (they still love them) and some more of those cute boxy pouches (special order from my sister-in-law). I have even cut out most of the pieces for a quilt for Ruffin's cousin (who was born in January - oops) and its going to be even cuter than I thought! I am hoping this summer will be a crafty-productive one. Only 5 more days of school. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I would really like to make some pants for Ruffin. I got some super cute fabric for it. Anyone know a super-easy pants pattern?

I figured you don't really care about more recorder bags or boxy pouches, so here is some Ruffin love and cousin Jack's barely-started quilt! I will try not to be gone so long next time. Thanks for hanging in there!

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