Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creating for Christmas

So as much as I love giving handmade gifts, this year it has been really hard to find the time to make them! You get 1 guess as to why...

I have been making a few things, though. Remember my last post? Small projects are getting me through. I have crocheted some wrist warmers (SO quick and easy) and I have nearly finished a scarf. I'd post pics, but they're for (yet to be given) gifts. I made the gift for my secret santa at school (so neat - I'll post that after Friday when it is delivered). I have also sewn some lanyards (you know, those long necklaces to hang your name badge or keys on) at the request of some teachers at school. I made myself one and several people asked about them, so yay for (easy) commissions!

I have several quilting projects that I'd like to do/finish for myself (like my excellent t-shirt quilt) and for others (babies who are nearly a year old, slacker Aunt Nancy). I am hoping to get some time in on my few days off at home over Christmas break.

I may need to finish my quilt first, though, as the fireplace in the basement we watch TV and where I sew has decided it doesn't want to work. Its no fun to sew in the cold, I'll tell you what.

No new Ruffin pictures this time. He and I are both stuffy-headed snotty-faces right now. At least we're getting it out of the way before Christmas, right? :P Instead, how about a few more from the amazing photo session by Brittany at Inspired Life. They are from from the end of October, but still adorable! I'll put up some current ones soon!!

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