Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stuff I've made...

Well, Christmas was busy as expected, but I did get (most of) the presents done that I wanted to. I would like to tell you all about how I made these things, but I'll link to the tutorial I used instead. (*I just noticed as I was doing the pics that I don't have a tutorial for the crochet projects because I didn't use one. I'll make writing that up the goal for my next couple of posts!)

Sorry that the pictures aren't the best - I just haven't been great about photographing my projects lately, so getting even poor quality pictures is better than none at all! (*just noticed that I didn't edit/crop these pics - oops - maybe I'll go back and fix them later. or not.) I have several projects in the works and I have also found some really cute things on Pinterest that I want to make. I think I was really behind in joining, but I'm glad I did. If nothing else its good for inspiration! Here are some of the things I've made over the last few months.

Twirly scarf
These are so fun to make. I also made one in pink and blue
for my niece with a matching one for her American Girl doll.

Cute Post-it note holders.
Easy and fun!
Here is the tutorial I used.

Earbud (or coin) pockets.
So cute! I did a couple more of these that I didn't get
pics of - sushi print and fishy print.
Here is the tutorial I used.

Fingerless gloves/wrist warmers for my sister.
I made her a hat a scarf out of the same yarn last
year and I found another skein - score!

Crochet hook holder for my Secret Santa at school.
I also made a cute one for my sister in that
same gnome fabric from the earbud pouches.
Here is the tutorial I used.


  1. Hey Nancy! That twirly scarf has a resemblance to a ti-leaf lei -- I think it's cool!! :)

  2. Yes, the color makes it! I think I'll make one for myself - so easy! You could totally do that!!